October 17, 2021
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Urgent need
Indian Navy-Looking for maritime surveillance platforms

Maritime surveillance capabilities of the Indian Navy would not be complete till the medium range maritime reconnaissance aircrafts are inducted following the process given a final push through the issuance of the RFP for nine MRMR aircraft way back in 2013.

Eight aircraft makers had submitted the Request for Information which included Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Airbus Military Casa, Dassault, Saab, Bombardier, Embrayer and the ATR.

On this basis acceptance of necessity was cleared by the Defence Acquisitions Council and the order was expected to be around US$ one billion.

With over 7000 km of long coast line and two chains of islands in the eastern and western coast of the Indian Ocean, Indian Navy needs a fleet of surveillance planes, to ensure round the clock observation of the huge maritime areas and Exclusive Economic Zone under its control.

Before the final decision on the MRMRs, the Indian Navy
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