October 26, 2021
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Pointed delivery
Precision guided munition and new warfare

In modern war, the role of precision guided munition is increasingly being optimized by the military commanders to avoid collateral damages which helps overcoming the pitfall of public opinion as war causes lot of unwanted damages.

In fact, the evolution of new technologies has, in many ways, changed what defines a precision weapon.

For the first quarter of the 21st Century, the military commanders are looking not only for weapons that can hit a specific small target, but do so with variable levels of lethality; that can be redirected-or even terminated-in-flight; can be used in any environment, with or without GPS; and can use electronics to change the shape of an explosion, which also requires precise timing of the detonation.

Arising from historical antecedents in the First and Second World Wars, the specific technologies that made precision guidance a reality in the late 1960s were, nevertheless, the unique product of concerted actions taken within the US military, the federal
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