October 17, 2021
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Critical evaluation
Evolving technology and PGMs

A miss is as good as a mile. The Indian Air Force will probe the reasons for the failure of two of its precision guided munitions-the runway busting US-made Paveway air-to-surface missile and the quick-reaction Soviet era OSA-AK (M) anti-aircraft missile-during Operation Iron Fist in Rajasthan in mid-March. The Iron Fist event was intended to send out a stern message to India’s recalcitrant neighbours. Failures of this kind could well encourage Pakistan to indulge in further misadventures.

Yes, there are failures during war and, as the IAF spokesperson stated a 10 percent rate of failure is catered for during actual combat so that in totality a strike mission would achieve complete success. That is why precision-guided munitions were created. They are intended to achieve kill with one shot. Given the dense nature of surface-to-air defences the multi-million launch platform could be severely endangered in trying a second attempt.

Operational failure

In the specific failure
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