October 26, 2021
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Guarding shores
Effective role of Offshore Patrol Vessels

Protecting India’s vast coastline of around 7500 kms is not an easy task. The challenge assumes even more significance given the fact that anti-Indian forces have tried and are trying to use waterways to spread terror in the country.

The 26/11 attack and incidents of many ships drifting undetected near Indian shores reinforces the common understanding that the Indian coastline is vulnerable to foreign intrusions.

Further, since Indian Navy has in recent years given commitments to the Indian Ocean Island nations to assist them in patrolling their Exclusive Economic Zone, the need to induct more and more Offshore Patrol Vessels is being felt by the naval planners.

The importance of OPVs has grown manifold in the recent past due to the changing nature of the maritime threat. While frigates form the bedrock of a fleet and are the principal surface combatants in many small to medium navies, OPVs have carved out their own niche because of the range of options they provide which make
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