October 26, 2021
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Autonomous navigation
Robotics and unmanned ground vehicles

The Defence Research and Development Organisation has been working on robotics to create unmanned ground vehicles for reconnaissance and surveillance; detection and destruction of mines and improvised explosive devices. The intent and purpose of this weapons platform is to provide protection and enhance the strike capability of the man on the forward edge of conflict be it on the conventional battlefield or in counter-insurgency/counter-terrorism situations.

The programme has been in progress since before the turn of the century and the DRDO laboratories have from time to time exhibited the fruits of their labour in wheeled and tracked unmanned ground vehicles and slithering, crawly contraptions that can look round corners or raise their sensors by more than a foot to look over obstacles and warn the fighting man of the dangers lurking beyond.

These facilities were not available when 26/11 happened in Mumbai in 2008 and an NSG commando officer had to lose his life for trying to locate an injured comrade in the dark by raising his voice and giving his posit
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