October 16, 2021
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Keeping a tab
Use of AWACS and aerial surveillance

The easy manner in which Indian land frontiers have been breached in recent times by terrorists bent on inflicting damage on military targets in the hinterland begs a case for upgrading aerial component in both the daylight and night-time surveillance, reconnaissance and Intelligence gathering.

That there is dire need to upgrade all aspects of situational awareness is indicated by the delay in discovering air accidents that have occurred in the past involving VVIPs and disappearances of aircraft at sea.

Cumulatively they underscore wide-open gaps in both terrestrial and aerial surveillance and detection capabilities that have contributed to an unease over how well we can defend ourselves in the new hybrid warfare that has been unleashed on us.

Aerial surveillance has many layers and that is why the Government of India constituted in 2010 the Integrated Space Cell to deal with threats to India’s aerospace assets that had emerged with the Chinese experiment in shooting down its own a
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