October 16, 2021
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Robotic vigilance
Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in modern warzone

There are drones in the sky, in R(D centers and more varieties are making their debut  as the advantages of pilotless aircraft are becoming more obvious by the day.

India is involved in a plethora of experiments to create drones for different uses within the country but given the manner in which short-term requirements are being met with imports the chances of a ‘Made in India” product with an assured self-sustaining base in the marketplace finding its way into actual service with the Armed Forces are not bright.

India has acquired some expertise in pilotless target aircraft with the creation of the Lakshya from where there has been a product improvement in the form of the Abhyas high speed expendable aerial target.

Even as the technology demonstrator was being tried out by the Indian Air Force (the machine is used for target practice by both air-to-air fighter aircraft as well as land based anti-aircraft artillery/missiles) there were reports that a global t
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