October 16, 2021
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Fire punch
Artillery for Indian Army

India is in the process of redesigning its Artillery Corps’ requirements to meet a “two-and-a-half front” war scenario the fulcrum of which will lie in the high Himalayas. The “two-and-a- half” has become a descriptive of the new hybrid warfare expected to be unleashed against India by China and Pakistan and their hordes of jihadi terrorists with Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as the focal points. There will have to be a clear assessment of the kinetic capacities in the hands of Indian soldiers who will, apart from dealing with the enemies, have to contend with the ruggedness of the terrain and the vicissitudes of the weather conditions.
For many years Indian artillery was in limbo after the Bofors scam but periodic upgradations and cannibalization of the Bofors howitzers helped keep the Army operational as was proved during the Kargil war of 1999. Since then the dusting out of the drawings and blueprints of the original Swedish technology and the creation of prototypes based on these designs has raised the possibility that India will soon have eno
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