October 17, 2021
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Spy fish
Underwater surveillance and AUVs

Technology has been a major driver of evolution of the war tactics around the world. The Ocean remains a treacherous and vast area to monitor, deliver help, or enforce the law. Governments seeking to control maritime borders, minimize illegal trafficking, and protect ocean ecosystems face daunting surveillance challenges. Finding better ways of observing and reporting on the interior of the ocean, its seafloors and coastal boundaries remain principal objectives of the marine community.

These days there is an increasing interest in underwater surveillance systems both for military and non-military applications. There seems to be an increasing fear of non-state actors going underwater to reach their vicious goals. Locations to be protected may be naval bases, sensitive installations connected with offshore oil-and gas production and transport, nuclear power plants etc.

The strategic nature of threats has underscored the importance of technology in expanding naval offensive and defensive capabilities.

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