October 17, 2021
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Tracking enemy
Growing significance of airborne ISR technology

ISR has existed in one shape or other ever since the dawn of warfare. Over the centuries nature of ISR has not changed, but the character has.

In today’s complex and ever changing operational environment, the demand for comprehensive situational awareness continues to grow.  Today’s modern conflicts demand rapid, agile, and assured operations to meet decision support needs across air, space, and cyberspace domains, and all environments from permissive to denied. Synchronizing forces across the three domains in time and purpose for effect is paramount for mission success

As a decisive and indispensable tool, air based ISTAR is increasingly relied upon to deliver this capability, allowing commanders to gain a thorough picture of the battle space and act accordingly

The attitudes of the military globally towards revolution in military affairs (RMA) have largely been influenced in recent times by the US Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraq
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