October 26, 2021
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Future market
Saab touts naval sea Gripen variant

Saab has identified the future demand for naval fighters in countries like India, Italy and the UK, which, in the coming years will be commissioning new aircraft carriers in their navies. According to Saab, there is a real and viable market for this type of aircraft. Aiming this market, the company is already developing a naval version of JAS-39 Gripen, which aims to be a variant of its newest product, the Gripen NG (Next Generation). This new version was named Sea Gripen.

According to Saab, the requirements established by the Swedish Air Force so that the Gripen had STOL capabilities (Short Takeoff and Landing), i.e. ability to take off and land from short stretches of road, caused the aircraft to present performance and flying qualities similar to those required for aircraft specifically designed to operate from an aircraft carrier.

Saab team already has identified and mapped all the areas that need special attention and engineering that represent the greatest challenges in Gripen NG “navalization”. The focus of the work focuses primarily on co
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