October 26, 2021
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Eye in space
China’s space forays in India’s neighborhoods

After indulging in port diplomacy with India’s neighbors China is now engaged in Space diplomacy with them. This has caused jitters in Indian security establishment, which incidentally was not caught off guard. Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh had floated global Request for Proposal for acquiring communication satellites and the relevant Indian departments did not take note of this. However, much later they realized that the Chinese has taken advantage of their offers and found it as a golden opportunity to further deepen its relations with India’s neighbors and further increase their dependence on China.

First China built Gwadar port for Pakistan, Sittwe port for Myanmar, Hambantota port for Sri Lanka and is already engaged in one for Bangladesh.

Challenging India’s presence

Now China has offered to launch satellites for Maldives and Bangladesh and a communication satellite for Sri Lanka has already been launched in last Novembe
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