October 26, 2021
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Looming uncertainty
Delay in helicopter procurement process

Once again an alleged scam in the procurement of VVIP helicopters from the Italian firm AgustaWestland is threatening to cast a long shadow across the whole spectrum of rotary-winged helicopters required for the Indian armed forces.

It is time that the Government of India finds a way to skirt this recurring problem in procurement of military wherewithal from any part of the world.

In its zealousness to appear spotless white while dealing with foreign arms companies after having burnt its fingers in the Bofors howitzer deal, the UPA Government has been tying itself in knots every time a foreign firm has  been caught paying kickbacks to agent to secure the deal by blacklisting it even at risk of losing much-needed technology.

If Defence Minister A K Antony's suggestion, that the best remedy is the creation of requisite weapons platforms within the country, has any validity will depend on how soon and with how much enthusiasm the Government of India and the Defence Ministry will st
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