May 19, 2022
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IAI advanced airborne system
ELTA Systems Ltd. was awarded a large contract for an advanced airborne SAR/GMTI (Synthetic Aperture Radar/ Ground Moving Target Indication) Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) system, designated ELM 2060P, for a prestigious customer in Asia-Pacific. The contract, to be performed together with Elbit Systems as prime contractor, will provide a complete multi-sensor tactical ISTAR solution. ELTA’s SAR/GMTI podded system, carried by a fighter aircraft delivers long range stand-off all weather, SAR strip or spot imagery, with an option of Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI) overlay. The imagery is transmitted in real time to a ground exploitation station, where a multi-sensor imagery information is translated into an intelligence report and disseminated to the relevant users. “Our advanced state-of-the art ISR suite provides all weather intelligence capabilities for all combat echelons,” explained Mr. Nissim Hadas, IAI Executive VP & ELTA President. “The combination of intelligence sensors, including real-time analysis and exploitation ground stations, will give our customer a crucial intelligence edge.”