May 19, 2022
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OIS-AT and Sagem JV
OIS Advanced Technology (OIS-AT) and Sagem (Safran) of France have signed an MoU to create a Joint Venture for the manufacturing of Sagem’s AASM Hammer Bomb Guidance and Glide Kit in India. With this Sagem has declared OIS-AT as the Indian Manufacturer for this weapon system. Considered to be the most advanced, precision Bomb Guidance and Range Extension kit, the AASM Hammer originally designed and manufactured by Sagem for the requirements of the French Air-Force and Navy on-board the Rafale aircraft, is intended to cater to requirements of the Indian Air Force’s high precision munition requirements. The AASM Hammer has been extensively proven in combat, and the version that will be manufactured in India will be customized to specifically meet Indian Air Force requirements.