May 19, 2022
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Brimstone live fire from Apache
MBDA and Boeing have successfully completed a series of physical trials and firings of Brimstone on the AH-64E attack helicopter to confirm the feasibility of integrating the missile with the United Kingdom’s future Apache AH-64E fleet. These trials validate a prior UK MOD study contract with MBDA and Boeing that confirmed integration was expected to be low risk. These firings demonstrated the capability of the weapon to guide using Brimstone’s Semi-Active Laser (SAL), Dual Mode SAL/millimetric wave (mmW) and fully autonomous mmW guidance modes. The weapon releases were from hovering, moving and manoeuvring/banking scenarios against MBTs and Pickup Truck targets. All of the firings utilised fully telemetered missiles instead of those with a warhead to confirm performance. The data collected from these missile firings will be used to enable future optimisation of Brimstone for the AH-64E capability. The programme was funded by a UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) contract.