October 17, 2021
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Sudan to get T-72 Tanks
Russia will export 170 T-72 main battle tanks (MBT) to Sudan. Moscow and Khartoum have already agreed to the delivery of the MBTs. Sudan will receive 150 T-72 tanks at an early date. The remaining 20 MBTs are supposed to be delivered as a source of spare parts for the main batch of the vehicles. The MBTs to be delivered to Sudan will be combat-ready. However, Khartoum decided to acquire an early variant of T-72 not armed with anti-tank guided missiles ATGM.The country’s Armed Forces took the delivery of 130 T-72AV and 60 T-55A MBTs supplied by the Ukrainian SpetsTekhnoEksport company. The T-72AV tank is a variant of the basic T-72A MBT equipped with the Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armour.