October 17, 2021
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Lockheed's Legion Pod completes flight test
Lockheed Martin’s Legion Pod recently completed its first flight test on an F-15C aircraft, successfully demonstrating its ability to provide long-range detection and tracking of airborne threats for the USAF. The Legion pod is a belated attempt to give F-15 fighters an IR Search and Track (IRST) capability, but on the F-15C it is located so far aft that the airframe itself hides any target at altitudes higher than the carrier aircraft.Equipped with an IRST21 infrared sensor and advanced networking and data processing technology, Legion Pod provides high-fidelity detection and tracking of airborne targets. It also accommodates additional sensors without costly system or aircraft modifications. Legion Pod successfully tracked multiple airborne targets in representative scenarios. Legion Pod is available to meet the requirements of the USAF’s F-15C infrared search and track program of record, which include long-range detection and tracking in a wide field of view.