October 17, 2021
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New stage of development for L-39NG
Czech air manufacturer Aero Vodochody has demonstrated the aerobatic capabilities of its L-39NG, a re-engined and updated version of its Albatros jet trainer which Aero is marketing as an effective and affordable replacement.The demonstrator of re-engined L-39 is now in development testing and it has been tested in full operating range. After expertise by the manufacturer of the engine, we have confirmed the capability of the engine to operate in a fully aerobatic aircraft as L-39NG. The L-39NG aircraft is a modern and effective trainer designed as a unified, comprehensive training system for modern air forces. The L-39NG is based on the aerodynamic concept of the current L-39, but utilizes the latest technologies and equipment. Power is provided by the highly modern FJ44-4M engine supplied with the TAP Blue engine support service to ensure unprecedented airworthiness and predictable maintenance costs.