October 17, 2021
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Czech Republic &Romania order new APCs
The Czech Republic has ordered new Pandur II eight-wheel drive vehicles from Tatra Defence Vehicle, and Romania has awarded a deal for additional Piranha III eight-wheel drive APCs to General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS). Prague will obtain 20 Pandurs under a deal worth about 2.07 billion koruna (US $82.2 million). Tatra Defence Vehicle produces the Pandur under a licence from GDELS. The APCs will belong to the military’s 4th Rapid Reaction Brigade, and they are designed to improve the military’s command and communication capability. Romania has ordered an undisclosed amount of the Piranhas, which have been operated by the country’s armed forces since 2006.The vehicle supply contract is part of the Romanian Army’s plan to modernize its legacy wheeled armored vehicle fleet. Based in Madrid, Spain, GDELS is a European subsidiary of General Dynamics and operates five production facilities located in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.