September 25, 2021
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Honeywell APU units on all A320s
Airbus has designated the Honeywell 131-9A auxiliary power unit as standard equipment for its A320 family of aircraft-it is no longer just a selectable option for airlines. Honeywell’s auxiliary power unit is now recognized as the gold standard for the A320 family that provides significant fuel savings and demonstrated reliability. 131-9A auxiliary power unit is recognized for significant fuel savings and proven reliability. Together, Honeywell and Airbus are offering A320 series customers an APU with best-in-class operational efficiency enabling more efficient, safe and comfortable travel experience for airline passengers. The 131-9 series auxiliary power unit has been selected by airlines for the majority of narrow-body aircraft. Its proven reliability helps reduce delays and flight cancellations, allowing airlines to stay on schedule so that their customers can reach their destinations on time.