September 25, 2021
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UK and France strengthen defence cooperation
UK and France have signed an agreement on the study of future missile technologies by MBDA. The joint agreement triggers a three-year phase of preparatory studies for the development of future long-range missiles that will equip the navies and air forces of both countries. Each Nation will contribute € 50 million to this study. The FMAN / FMC (Future Missile Antinavires / Future Missile de Croisière) program will explore options for replacing and upgrading the missile systems used by the Navy and the Air Force over the next decade. For up to three years, this work will help define missile architectures and reduce risks, so as to support decisions to launch the next phase of the program. Beyond cost sharing, the two nations will benefit from reciprocal access to their technological expertise and to their test and trials facilities. The goal of the FMAN / FMC (Future Missile Antinavires / Future Cruise Missile) program is to have a new joint generation of missiles in service by the 2030s.