April 22, 2021
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Silent stay
PLA troops to stay near Indian borders till September

The controversial incursion made by Chinese troops across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in to Indian territory in eastern Ladakh was only suspended last week of May but PLA troops will continue to stay near the border with India till end of September.

This is contrary to Indian Government claims that Chinese troops had gone back on May 5 as part of a deal in which both sides had raised the level of diplomacy and hectic consultations to find an amicable solution to the problem.

It was told to Indian public by senior Indian MEA officials that Chinese troops have returned to the pre-April15 positions and agreed to maintain the status quo of LAC to create a conducive atmosphere for holding talks.

In fact, according to Chinese military sources in Beijing, the Central Military Commission of China had refused to vacate the posts it had set up towards end of March to force India to suspend all military and civilian activities in eastern Ladakh.

China is increasingly concerned by the Indian activities in Ladakh for last four years mainly in Chumar and Fuckche sector and other areas close to Western Highway that connects Lhasa and Urumqi that is strategically significant for China.

Western Highway starts from Yecheng, a city in southern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, passes by Gar County in Tibet and reaches Shiquanhe Town locating in Ngari Prefecture of Tibet. However, the road traverses several mountains, five of which soaring more than 5,000m high above sea level.

This highway serves China’s nerve center for strategic connectivity to outermost posts of PLA soldiers and a link for China’s gateway to Central Asia.

Since Afghanistan is going to be a great game for China once the US and NATO troops are going to leave by 2014, China has massive political and business plans for Afghanistan and more worrisome is how to control events over there.

China perceives India is unnecessarily bolstering military infrastructure along the LAC that is meaningless. According to Chinese sources, PLA can over power all Indian outposts located at LAC within 72 hours.

Therefore setting up new posts for India has no feasibility. If India persists with the plan in that sector China will respond time and again.

Thus, no one in military circle in Beijing can guarantee that whether it is the last incursion and everybody agrees India has no option to retaliate China in this border region or if it is converted into a war.

Indian government was rattled by this action of PLA and urgent calls to Beijing may have given a relief to the bilateral relations at least temporarily.

Later, Indian government played down the event with lies fed to media outlets about an immediate Chinese withdrawal from Ladakh just to facilitate the Chinese Premier’s visit to India on May 20.

The PLA troops had stationed in the same area but not in the same tent just to monitor whether the Chinese Premier’s talks with Indian leaders are going well and India is going to give full assurance to China to dismantle all posts along the LAC constructed for last four years.

India, according to Chinese sources, has agreed to remove most of the posts in Chumar sector that directly over look Western Highway. China is all set to create another linking highway from Kunming to Urumqi under the 12th plan that was approved last year.

Thus, China is bent upon removing all Indian military outposts along the Himalayas either by diplomacy or by force. But India, according to Chinese military, has realized that China’s heavy investment along the borders will never be matched and a war between the two sides may not give any advantage at the moment.

But India is quite confident that it can handle Chinese incursions now better than before as more patrolling and aerial drone surveillance is going to be the priority.