April 22, 2021
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Terrain roving
India showing interest in Israeli made Tomcar ATV

After facing complications for smooth border management in difficult terrain and land borders, India is now showing interest in buying latest generation battle-harden Tomcar All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) from Israel that can operate in most difficult topographic and weather conditions.

India is planning to deploy high mobile rover vehicles along the Line of Control with Pakistan and Line of Actual Control with China to speed up deployment and check enemy advancement in case hostility breaks out in short notice.  

The massive infrastructure development and latest air mobile platforms have failed to adequately address the concerns of local military commanders who now see Chinese mobility in this mountainous region as a grave threat to Indian military.  

China used similar ATVs to push its soldiers into Indian territory who crossed 19 km inside Indian borders along the LAC without any detection and while going back Chinese troops also used modern high mobility terrain vehicles.     

To match this new challenge, India is planning to acquire state-of-the-art ATVs which can operate in high altitude and all weather conditions to hasten the mobility along the LAC and LoC.    

India has shown interest in Israeli made modern All Terrine Vehicle- Tomcar-for which Israel has offered full transfer of technology if India goes for a higher number. But it will need US approval before the deal is finalized.

Israel has sold this ATV named Tomcar to various countries with a proven track record and in the defence market it is considered to be a potent platform which can move fast and off load quickly in any type of terrain condition.

One of the main advantages of this vehicle is the ability to operate it with basic armor protection, maintaining adequate payload capacity.

The Tomcar’s chain-driven swing arm system allows the vehicle an above average ground clearance and suspension articulation, and also create anti-squat or lift.

However, India is showing interest in acquiring ATV with a two-seater version. In fact, every vehicle is fitted with a roll cage and cargo flatbed, and is configured for two or four seats.

The Tomcar also comes with a choice of petrol or diesel engines. Israel is utilizing Tomcars modified into unmanned patrol vehicles, employed as unmanned and autonomous border patrols.

Tomcar is offering its military configured all terrain vehicle in three versions-the light armored vehicle (LAV), Light Surveillance and Reconnaissance vehicle (LRSV) and an unmanned ground vehicle.

But India would like it should be very light, infantry friendly so that it can be transported easily to the China border.

The recent development along the LAC in April has baffled India that how quickly China can make inroad into Indian territory. Thus, an all weather high mobility vehicle can perform the task in an effective manner.