June 26, 2022
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Act of conspiracy
Russian experts claim downed MH-17 plane matches with missing MH-370 plane

Russia has evidence which suggests that the downed MH-17 plane is actually missing MH-370 plane and the jet was deliberately brought down inside the rebel territory in Eastern Ukraine by canon fire from Ukrainian Air Force as part of a grand intelligence operation.

Russian Defence officials said that the MH-17 was never brought down by a surface to air missile as it was fired from the back and side by using 40mm or 25 mm canon fires from a flying aircraft that was following the MH-17 plane from a distance.    

“The whole act now seems to be a conspiracy by the Americans to defame Russia and incite violence in Eastern Ukraine to corner Russia at a global level and reinforce NATO’s grand design to limit Russian influence in the region,” said a Russian Defence Ministry official in Moscow.  

Russian military and intelligence services have found that CIA and Western intelligence agencies are misleading the world about the MH-17 plane crash as the jet is actually resembling with the missing MH-370 flight that vanished from radar screen in March this year while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The MH-17 plane has a different ID mark but the aircraft that has been downed over Ukraine is having an ID mark that is similar to MH-370 plane ID. Also, the flight path of the MH-17 was purposefully diverted close to eastern Ukraine just minutes before the shots were fired.  

This means it was preplanned that once the plane is downed over the skies of Eastern Ukraine the whole blame will automatically go to the rebels and ultimately it will be easy to blame Russia for its alleged support to the rebels.

On the top of it, there are allegations that MH-17 designated plane had never taken off from the Netherlands on that day instead it was the missing MH-370 plane which was flown under a pseudo flag as per a grand intelligence operation to sabotage the evidence of missing MH-370 plane.

The MH-370 plane had disappeared in March without a trace over the South China Sea and till date it is a mystery as what happened to the plane. But the MH-17 plane is an old plane whereas the one which has been downed is a new plane that resembles with 777-200 belonging to MH-370.       

Russian MoD sources said that when American officials were confronted over the surface of such information they were shocked and denied of having any links with the operation.

Now it is emerging that in a bid to destroy the evidence of MH-370 plane, the MH-17 flag was used as a cover to fly the missing plane of MH-370 and ultimately that was brought down with the help of Ukrainian Air Force which is a party to the high level conspiracy.

The plan was perhaps  hatched when the CIA director secretly visited Ukraine and drawn out the plan to orchestrate the farce in an attempt to destroy the evidence for MH-370 plane and defame Russia internationally, the sources said.

Russian radar signals clearly point to Ukraine Air Force officials who were trailing the plane on the night and fired it at close range to bring it down.

It is claimed that the dead bodies of MH-17 plane are quite old and frozen bodies having no blood and they were scattered around in the field of crash with new passports which are hardly used. This is perhaps aimed at protecting true identity of the passengers who may be travelling in the plane.

The MH-370 was not hijacked by any terrorists but by a sophisticated intelligence network of specialists who wanted to benefit and protect some special secrets before it could have fallen to Chinese intelligence officials.

Now the bargain may start and already new investigation lead suggests that there was no evidence that SAM brought down the MH-17 plane at any stage since the fuselage was not blown out rather hit by canon fires from close range.