May 22, 2019
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Exploding device
Mine detection and clearance capabilities

India has paid a heavy price in human lives both on its borders as well as in the internal security situation to mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) deployed by the Pakistan army on the borders and the Line of Control and by its agents in various crowded localities all over the country. There could be some respite and a great psychological turnaround in counter-insurgency operations in the device created by a laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation that can help detect hidden IEDs and neutralize them with appropriate doses of directed energy from a ray gun.

The device, publicized during the recent Defexpo in New Delhi, is vehicle mounted to help rapid deployment ahead of troops/tanks and mechanized infantry on the ground. Its effectiveness is to locate and neutralize landmines, anti-personnel mines in cross country operations and improvised explosive devices in counter-insurgency sweeps.

Mine detection and clearance is a very time consuming task and therein lies the efficacy of a minefield to slow down the progress of
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