March 26, 2019
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Delayed boost
Submarine acquisition plan of Indian Navy

Indian Navy’s declining submarine strength, which has been reduced to 13 in addition to one nuclear powered submarine leased from Russia called INS Chakra, has received a much delayed boost after the Indian Cabinet Committee on Security approval  in mid February to build six more nuclear powered submarines in India.

There has been deepening concern in Indian naval headquarters and Indian strategic community over Government’s decision paralysis regarding the acquisition of submarines and other advanced weapon systems and platforms. With Chinese Navy holding a strength of over 60 submarines and occasionally making deep forays in the Indian Ocean the Indian Navy’s rapidly declining underwater capabilities has remained a subject of discussion among strategic circles.

Earlier last October the government had cleared the much delayed plan to acquire six additional diesel electric submarines to be built in India for which a shipyard was to be selected within three months of the decision. However, the government is yet to finalize the sh
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