March 26, 2019
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Smooth rescue
Undersea rescue command and DSRV technology

Submarine force is the most vital component of any military and it is the ultimate deterrence against the enemy but if the navy loses its platform and human resources in the midst of a war then it can be a big disaster to overcome.

There are dozens of incidents since 19th Century where submarines and crews lost their lives in a critical manner and it ultimately led to innumerous pain and lingering agony, taking decades or more to recuperate with the situation.        

Indeed, losses in early submarine history inevitably led to the need for being able to rescue submarine crew members trapped in a distressed submarine (DISSUB) on the ocean floor.

From the earliest diving-bell rescue vessel, submarine rescue has grown into its own command. Today, various navies coordinate submarine rescue efforts among several other countries’ navies to provide global rapid-response submarine rescue capabilities to any nation whose crew members are trapped in
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