March 26, 2019
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Reduced role
Role of MBT in modern land warfare

The evolution of multidimensional new age battlefield has rendered the modern MBTs insignificant and vulnerable to attack from air and hence the future battlefield will have an entirely different scenario.

To make them play an effective role, the Indian Army recently conducted a multidimensional exercise Drad Sankalp involving the deployment of T-90 MBTs.

The MBT’s are used only in cross border offensive missions and defensive role in land warfare. But land warfare in modern battlefield is not conducted in total isolation.

Modern land warfare will always be supported by air assets, which has rendered the tank a sitting duck.

Either an attack helicopter equipped with latest anti-tank missiles which are used to provide air cover to moving tanks can knock down the enemy MBTs or a fighter aircraft with the laser rockets can easily penetrate the tank armor and the entire tank formation can be turned into grave yard of
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