September 25, 2021
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Multi mission maritime patrol aircraft

With India’s expanding maritime zone of interest covering the entire Indian Ocean and extending to South China Sea from the Malacca Strait, the Indian Navy needs round the clock surveillance and patrolling.

With the Soviet origin Il-38 and Tu-142 getting obsolete not only because of the ageing factor but also the technology leap that has been achieved in recent years, the Indian Navy needs to modernize its maritime surveillance fleet.

The Indian Navy is preparing for de-induction of TU 142M long-range maritime patrol aircraft after its 29 years of service. The role of TU 142M will now be taken on by the newly inducted P-8l aircraft, which has proven all its systems and has been fully integrated into the operational grid of the Indian Navy

Though four more have been added to the eight P-8Is already ordered in 2009 to the Boeing and its delivery has already begun, the acquisition process for 9 medium range maritime reconnaissance aircraft needs to be fast tracked.
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