January 24, 2022
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Swift battlefield
Aerospace command and new concept of operations

Aerospace command and execution of new concept for operations are now at the heart of all warfare but the challenges are from over due to the need for better technology and higher management of conflict zones.

The challenges of emerging threats, new technologies, and the velocity of information demand more than a mere evolution of current C2ISR paradigms.

There is a need for radically new approach that capitalizes on the opportunities inherent in those same challenges.

Senior Leader Perspective to achieve future success through incremental enhancements à la CAOC 10.x upgrades—that method evokes an industrial-age approach to warfare that has lost its currency and much of its meaning.

One cannot meet the requirements of information-age warfare with “spiral development”; rather, one should have modular, distributed technological maximization that permits and optimizes operational agility.

That kind of agility calls for dramatic changes to C2 CONOPS (concept of operations); the organizational paradigms for planning, processing, and executing aerospace operations; and our acquisition processes.

It also demands a determined effort to match the results to
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