September 25, 2021
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Game changer
Exoskeleton may change next warfare rules

As the militaries all over the world are willing to take less risks, the use of exoskeleton is getting popular and may play a key role in future warfare.

Exoskeletons may enable infantry war fighters break down doors and fight at close quarters, load and unload cargo from vehicles, maintain land vehicles and aircraft, dig trenches and other prepared fighting positions, carry wounded comrades, and move hundred-pound obstructions to rescue others.

The US Army scientists are reaching out to industry for new ways to relieve infantry war fighters of heavy loads with load-bearing robotic suits called exoskeletons.
Exoskeletons are considered a promising approach to enable war fighters to maintain peak performance for longer than they can today.

These exoskeletons are designed to improve strength, endurance, and ergonomics while maintaining user safety and reducing physical injury risk during various load tasks.

Currently, the US Army is asking for industry white papers that outline innovative exoskeleton approaches to improve war fighter performance while they are moving over uneven terrain, or performing ergonomically challenging load tasks for long periods in awkward postures, doing heavy lifting, or othe
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