April 22, 2021
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Coastal vigil
India’s naval infrastructure facilities

The best yardstick, by any standard, to gauge the efficacy of the Indian maritime security infrastructure on which attention was concentrated after the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 2008, would be the factum that nearly all but two of the surface vessels required for both blue water and brown water security were being produced in Indian shipyards.  

Yet, there are gaps that need to be plugged is obvious given the comments of the Minister of Defence Mr A K Antony at the recent teleconference with Naval and Coast Guard commanders that improvement of maritime infrastructure needs to be accelerated.

The phased development plans for maritime infrastructural growth was initiated in 2005-2006 but had to be synergized after the terrorist attack in 2008 beginning with the handing over of overall command to the Navy for coordination of long-range and coastal defence improvement.

Expansion plan

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