April 22, 2021
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Keeping watch
Indian Navy inducts P-8I aircrafts

Indian Navy has achieved the distinction of becoming the first maritime force to induct the Boeing made P-8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft after the US Navy. In 2009, the US administration concluded the negotiations with India for final award of the contract to the Boeing. Prior to this Indian Navy was considering the less capable P-3C Orions but decided to go for the best available in the world.  

The first of the aircraft landed in India in mid May and has significantly boosted the Indian Navy capacity to keep a hawk eye over naval movements in the entire Indian Ocean. At a time when Indian Ocean is once again emerging as a centre of rivalry between the naval powers, especially the strategic interest shown off late by the Chinese Navy, the induction of the most advanced maritime surveillance and anti-submarine aircraft   would be considered a very timely induction.

This will deter other navies from indulging in nefarious activities in the Indian waters. With a coastline of more than 7000 kms and two island territories in the Indian Ocean I
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