March 26, 2019
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Putting pressure
Chinese border incursion and violation of agreements

Though India and China have signed two landmark agreements on the maintenance of peace and tranquility on the border, the two armies have indulged in extensive competitive deployment, violating the letter and spirit of the two agreements signed in 1993 and 1996. The credit must be given to these agreements for the absence of cross border firing as regularly witnessed on the Line of Control between India and Pakistan on the Jammu and Kashmir border.

It has happened for the second time after the 1987 Sumdorang Chu incident that the Line of Actual Control was violated in terms of incursions due to cross border patrolling resulting in the Depsang type incident of the Chinese soldiers actually occupying and sitting on the land area, claimed by India.

Though Indian Army was not so powerful those days, but the Army was allowed to work on the strategy of forcing the Chinese Army to vacate the area. The army had then launched Operation Falcon and the Chinese realized that India has the will to force them to go back.

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