April 22, 2021
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Real sentinels
Military dogs are more protective towards their territory than the military itself. It is all over the history as how military dogs performed in the battlefield. It started with legendary Mongol warlord Zhengis Khan who deployed more than 30,000 Tibetan dogs in his quest to conquer Europe. Indeed, US military may not have survived in Afghanistan without military dogs as Taliban used to launch attacks in the night. It is the dogs who used to first report the presence of intruders much before the thermal imagers could intensify the pictures.

The appearance of dogs among the Chinese intruders in the Demsang-Daulat Beg Oldi segment of Ladakh has had an electrifying effect on Indian observers and the death of Anuradha the Delhi police dog after a lifetime of service draw attention to the inadequate use of these force multipliers in both the Indian military and civil security network.

The military dogs in the Chinese platoon that made a 19-km deep penetration in the Ladakh sector indicates the lessons the Chinese have learned about how to deal with Indian troops in eyeball-to-eyeball positions as happened at Nathu La in Sikkim in 1967 and at Sumdurong Chu in Arunachal 1986.

The Chinese troops suffered
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