April 18, 2021
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MiG-29K joins the Indian Navy

The supersonic MiG-29K joined the Indian Navy on the day when the Indian Naval Aviation  was celebrating the diamond jubilee of its establishment on   11th May, 1953.  Six decades later, the Indian Navy has emerged as a dominant force in the Indian Ocean and with the joining of the Mig-29K as the front line maritime fighter, the Indian Navy will command greater respect from the rival navies in the maritime area.

The Indian Navy has thus become the proud owner of the most potent maritime fighter aircraft in the Indian Ocean, which has the capabilities to deter the rival maritime forces from indulging in muscle flexing.

Though the Mig-29K has arrived at the INS Hansa at Goa,  much before its floating airbase, the INS Vikramaditya , the maritime fighter  will be able to embark on its mother ship (the refurbished Admiral Gorshkov)  as soon as it arrives from Russia by the end of December, this year.

Frontline fighter

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