April 22, 2021
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Digitized war
Role of network centric warfare systems

With practically the whole world going network centric, warfare in the modern world has become digitized to such an extent that one tends to become a slave to a system that, in the event of a nuclear exchange could take us back to the did-did-dah-did (the first letter of the alphabet as transmitted as dot, dot, dash, dot) of the age of the Morse code.

That there is a need to retain redundancy within the network could well be forgotten in the desire for situational awareness enclosed in a hand-held tablet that would be one of several gadgets required to be carried (like the hand-held thermal imager) that the unit commander would end up looking like a librarian in Wonderland.

Situational awareness

The most important thing for Indians at the moment is to know what is happening all along our long and complicated land borders with Pakistan and China in particular and Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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