April 22, 2021
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Lacking expertise
Future Infantry Combat Vehicles

India appeared to be set to become “self-reliant” in a major land warfare weapons platform-the infantry combat vehicle-going by the concerted efforts of both the public sector Defence Public Sector Undertaking and several private sector engineering firms to win the contract for 2600 Future Infantry Combat Vehicle.

The contenders were short listed to two from four Indian elements, three of the private sector ones with foreign collaborators in tow. But what was expected to have been completed in eight months has stretched to nearly two years. What was supposed to be a breakthrough via the newly inducted category named “Make (India)” has gone down the same route as have several other major defence acquisition projects under a Defence Procurement Procedure tweaked so often that it has become dog-eared and unproductive.

It is not that everything would have been hunky-dory if the process had been completed and the winner of the contract would have proceeded with developing the “technology demonstrator” constructed by the Vehicles
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