April 18, 2021
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Encroaching mission
Chinese incursion at LAC worrying Indian military

Indians can be forgiven for wondering what were Indian border guards doing while the Chinese intruders were dismantling and destroying the camera that were set up by the Indians to keep an eye on Chinese intrusions in the Depsang valley segment of the Daulat Beg Oldi area of Jammu and Kashmir.

It has long been a sector of contention and it was expected that the Indians would be alert to prevent any more Chinese intrusions or allow anyone to tamper with the security apparatus installed there. The Chinese came in and broke the camera. Just like that. It is not even relevant to ask, Gabbar-style, ”kitne Chinese thay, Kalia?”

How blatant has been the Indian carelessness can be gauged from the fact that the camera was set up to give early warning of someone approaching so that the Indian border guards-be they the Indo-Tibetan Border Police or the Indian Army-are alerted to someone’s presence in the area of our interest.
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