April 22, 2021
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Ray of hope
Slow progress of artillery modernization program

The artillery modernization program is moving at a snail’s pace even after 25 years. Though in the last one decade, other artillery equipment like the Pinaka Rocket System, Smerch Rocket System and the Brahmos Missile System have been inducted, the 155 mm Howitzers have been the most affected.

The Army has prepared an Artillery Profile 2027 for procuring new generation artillery with a mix of 155mm/39 caliber, 155mm45 caliber and 155mm / 52 caliber gun systems.

Unfortunately, the army has not been able to induct new lot of 155mm guns since 1988. Though the process has picked up in last one year, the army officials are not sure if the MoD bureaucracy can fast track the acquisition.

To meet the requirements of the Indian Army Field Artillery Rationalization Plan, the MoD had in 2012 okayed the acquisition plans for the 1580 towed 155mm/52 caliber guns, 100 tracked 155 mm / 52 caliber guns, 180 wheeled and self propelled guns of 155m/52 caliber and 145 ultra light howit
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