April 22, 2021
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High ambitions
India’s nuclear powered aircraft carrier

Though India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier is still suffering the birth pangs, almost five years before delivery, Indian naval planners and warship designers have started dreaming of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

When specifically asked about the possibility of India undertaking the ambitious program to have a nuclear powered carrier, the Indian Navy  Vice Chief Vice Admiral  R K  Dhowan did not specifically deny the existence of such a program and went on to comment that “all options are open.” The Vice Chief informed that a “detailed study was underway on the size, type of aircraft and their launch and recovery systems, propulsion and the like for the IAC-2 project . He said, yes we are also considering nuclear propulsion. All options are open.”

Though India is expecting its first indigenous nuclear powered submarine INS Arihant to start sea trials after the announcement of its nuclear reactor going critical in August, this two decade old ambitious venture was not entirely indigenous.
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