April 22, 2021
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Floating base
The indigenous aircraft carrier launch

International strategic community especially the Chinese have taken note of the launch of India’s indigenous aircraft carrier, the kind of ambitious project on which the Chinese have not yet been independently able to embark upon.

The aircraft carrier named Vikrant, after India’s now retired first carrier acquired from UK in early sixties, has projected India as a nation trying to dominate the Oceans by reviving its great maritime traditions. Since the carrier will help India control the High Seas, especially the Indian Ocean, the world maritime powers are viewing India’s emerging maritime prowess with awe.  

Commenting on the launching of Vikrant, the vice president of Chinese naval research institute Senior Captain Zhang Junshe said, “The Indian Navy will have lead over China as it will have two aircraft carriers by the end of this year with INS Vikramaditya, the refitted carrier from Russia joining INS Viraat, which is already in service even though Vikrant was expected to be operational by 2018. This will enhance the over
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