April 18, 2021
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Deadly agents
NBC warfare and India’s preparedness

With India surrounded by rogue elements supported by State forces, the threats emanating from the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are real and as a deterrent to nuclear weapon countries, India has amassed an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

However, chemical and biological weapons are banned under international conventions to which India is a signatory, hence as a deterrent measure India cannot manufacture these deadly weapons of mass destruction. However there is no guarantee that India’s adversaries are not possessing and manufacturing these weapons and will not hesitate to use them in case of a conflict, hence India needs to be ready to defend itself from these mass killers.

The Indian armed forces headquarters have set up a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare directorates and an inter services coordination committee has already been set up to monitor the program. A NBC Cell has been established at the Army Headquarters to study the implications and better ways to counter the NBC attack and safeguard measures after the attac
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