April 18, 2021
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Floating explosives
Naval mine warfare capabilities

India has a shoreline that extends 7500 km with large ports and harbors on both sides of the peninsula and strategically placed offshore island territories amenable to being attacked with sea mines to disrupt ocean-going traffic and commerce for long periods. The Indian Navy has a paltry number of just seven mine counter-measure vessels that can be used to clear mines. However, if densely-laid it will take many months for several hundred mine hunters to be able to detect and destroy mines laid with diabolical intent.

Pakistan has demonstrated during the 1971 war that it will use its submarine fleet to mine the entrances to important ports to either blockade Indian Naval vessels in harbor, scare away commercial shipping or choose to hit high-value targets like aircraft carriers (like it tried to do to the INS Vikrant during the 1971 war by laying mines off the coast of Vishakhapatnam) and stealth warships.

Since then, Pakistan has learned new tricks like using ocean currents to float pre-programmed mines in
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