April 22, 2021
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Keeping pace
BMP modernization and fire control system

To be able to foreclose a war in quick time as it did against Pakistan in 1971, India is preparing to refurbish one means of achieving “combat mobility”-the essence of swift decimation of the enemy and an implacable momentum-on the battlefield.

Its 2,000 infantry combat vehicles are set to be upgraded through a combination of battlefield experience and competence-building in technological skills over the years since the Defence Research and Development Organisation was created.

The BMP-2 and 2K versions known as Sarath locally are in the process of being modernized to ensure that the mechanized infantry is able to keep pace with the armored corps to allow capture-and-hold-territory operations even as the armor is expanding its field of operations.

Much of this ability depends on the firepower on board the ICV and its capability to traverse hurdles and water obstacles and not get bogged down. Acquired in the 80s, this ex-Soviet equipment has seen action in the Sinai wa
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