April 22, 2021
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Strong deterrent
India’s submarine launched weapons

By early next year India will have nuclear submarines armed with nuclear missiles thereby creating a minimum nuclear deterrent, as per national policy.

Deterrent patrolling should become the order of the day against two adversaries operating in nexus-Pakistan and China. India will have to ensure that there is at least one nuclear armed submarine posted within striking distance of the vital points and vital areas of both these opponents without compromising their positions-locations as well as audio-signatures of their engines and propellers.

To ensure this in the national interest Indian nuclear submarines must not make port calls or “showing the flag” to any part of the world because it would mean giving away this basic intelligence input to other navies. Showing the flag operations should be best confined to surface vessels.

With just two nuclear powered submarines in operation, an inadequacy is immediately apparent in that after a two-month stint on station both will
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