April 18, 2021
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Slow pace
The modernization of Armored Corps

The Indian Army Armored Corps comprises 63 regiments and has massive modernization and upgradation program to match the rival forces across the border.

However the tardy manner in which the Indian defence establishments works, it is doubtful if the Indian Army would be equipped with required armored vehicles within reasonable time frame to ensure the survivability of its armored regiments.

Though the situation is not as bad as the artillery regiments in which no new Howitzer guns have been added since last 25 years. However, the pace of modernization of the Indian armored corps has not been satisfactory.

The Vijayantas and the T-72s have been the backbone of the Indian armored corps but with the fast changing battlefield scenario, the Indian Army must move with the times.

Over the years the Indian Army has seen the acquisition  of Russian T-90 tanks along with the hesitant induction of the Indian developed Arjun
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