April 22, 2021
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Detecting threats
Increasing surveillance along Indian borders

Almost 15,000 kms long border spanning six countries require constant monitoring but in terms of prioritizing the border areas for more effective surveillance, the Indian Army needs to focus more on the borders with China and Pakistan and to a lesser degree on the borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh, while other countries like Nepal and Bhutan requires much less deployment of manpower and resources.

The borders with Nepal and Bhutan require basic surveillance but the borders with Pakistan and China are abuzz with troops and military surveillance systems on both the sides and require constant monitoring.

With Bangladesh India has a border of 4351 kms, with China 4056 kms , with Myanmar 1425 kms , with Nepal 1751 kms, with Bhutan 700 kms  and with Pakistan 3525 kms. While India has largely completed an ambitious fencing plan along Pakistan borders  to prevent the intruders like terrorists and illegal immigrants and criminals, the security forces need much more to reinforce the border security management more effectively.  Latest borde
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