April 22, 2021
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Failed ambitions
Private sector in defence production

An experience in the recent Defexpo 2014 underlines the convoluted manner in which the induction of the private sector into the “defence industry” network is being handled.

A very well-known Indian company was displaying an anti-tank munition which is described generically as an armor piercing fin stabilized disposable sabot (APFSDS).

India has been producing this item within the country for decades. It consists of a heavy metal penetrator (tungsten) which is fin-stabilized and shaped like an arrow. Because it has very little body mass its passage through the barrel of a tank gun is facilitated by wrapping a “sabot” or sleeve around the penetrator. This sleeve falls off as soon as the munition leaves the barrel and the penetrator is well on its way to the target.

But as it turns out there is a list of items of 26 technologies that the Defence Research and Development Organisation wishes to acquire from abroad through the offsets channel.

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